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About Us

Who we are.

We’re a Canadian company made up of people from different professional backgrounds, all having a lot of fun doing something entirely new and different in our careers: building an insect-based food company. We never would have thought! We often remind ourselves that before Crickstart, we thought eating insects was strange. Now we just find it strange that we used to think that. And one of the things we find most exciting is seeing the same thing happen with people around us, one after the other!

Our Mission.

Contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world by opening people's minds with deliciously different, real food.

What We Believe.

chevron_right Change is exciting.

chevron_right Crickets are real food and part of a balanced diet.

chevron_right Delicious is the key to spreading healthy food.

chevron_right Solving global issues requires opening our minds.

chevron_right Every ingredient matters.

Our Team.

Daniel Novak

Michael Badea

Gabrielle Faraggi
VP Sales

Melanie Badea
Graphic Design

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